Friday, August 29, 2008

More Nudes in Nature

In my last post I promised some more of the ‘Nudes in Nature’ that Ben, Callie and I created in Utah. As I worked through the 5 days of shooting, I got a new respect for these two amazing models – especially as I noticed the scrapes and bruises accumulating every day. To put the cherry on top, the last day I asked poor, bruised Ben to go and roll around on the salt flats… imagine!

Coming up
On Saturday I have done the most amazing shoot with Tantila & Diablo from Indianapolis and I have another underwater shoot scheduled with them for this coming Saturday. I am just thrilled with the work we created and will be sharing shortly.


Anonymous said...

Truly remarkable work in the Utah, Salt Flats. I love the way you incorporate the human form with the nature of the Salt Flats. I am looking forward to seeing your work with underwater photography soon.


Ben said...

Oh my... Can I admit to just watching that slide show over and over? It was such an honor and privilege to be a part of this. I'm humbled, honored and in awe, if those emotions even make sense together (I think they do to me...). Watching the slide show, I fight tears and I'm certainly not sad.

My apologies about the accumulating bruises and scrapes which no doubt made editing more challenging. The good news is that they all healed quickly (though I did add a few scratches again out hiking yesterday... ;).

Andrew said...

Incredible images. Spectacular locations.

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thank you, Michael.

Ben, you worked so hard and did such an amazing job. I am really glad (& relieved) to hear you like the results.

Andrew, next time you’re coming with!!
How's the ankle?

Anonymous said...

Everybody's hard work definitely wasn't in vain. The images are absolutely stunning!

Peggi Habets said...

These are amazing. I think you get wonderful work from your models because you see the group as a team, instead of artist directing models. They are part of your creative process and it shows. Wonderful work, all of you!

Shantay said...

I'm with you Ben....but I AM admitting to watching the slide show over and over again. I felt incredibly honored to work with Antoine. She is so much fun and it was absolutely captivating to watch this truly gifted artist at work.

The bruises, scrapes and scorchingly hot days (and rocks)were definitely worh it and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Thank you Antoine for the most unique and amazing modeling experience of my lifetime.

Callie Shantay West

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thanks Artemis!

Peggi, you are quite right. This truly was a team effort and everyone contributed so much.

Callie, your comments mean a great deal to me!
I forgot about the burning rocks for a second… lol! Glad you felt it worth it though ;-)