Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Promotion

Celebrating the month of Love by auctioning 5 Limited Edition Photography Prints. Bid now and receive it before Feb 14th!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Time to Grow

As you may be aware, I have been mostly away from the easel for the last 16 months. First I was wrapping up sales from my New York ArtExpo exhibition, then I moved to my beautiful new studio in Richmond Hill, Georgia, a stone throw from the Ogeechee River, fallowed by the birth of amazing son, Jude.

While I was still on maternity leave the owner of Sarah Jessica Fine Arts in contacted me and commissioned 7 new pieces and thereby putting me back to where I love being most… creating. (I am currently still working on these and below I include one of these completed pieces)

Today I’m at a place where I’m experiencing heights like never before in my life and I am inspired to let these echo into my work. So many people have asked me how becoming a mom changed my art. I have no idea. Though what I do know is that I have to be honest and sincere in what I put on the canvas and I certainly have changed considerably.

I believe no one should ever stop learning and to embrace my own continuing growth this week I have 1. signed up for a one-month photography course with Flying Photo School, 2. bought a History of European Art course from The Great Courses and 3. signed up for a weekend painting workshop with the Painting Experience in lovely Asheville, North Carolina. 

I am super excited about the next chapter in my work so let’s see where all this takes us… 

Drifting II
12x12" Oil on Canvas
Commissioned by 
Sarah Jessica Fine Arts

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Me @ work

One of my friends, Dave Levingston just sent me one of my favorite photos of me. It is this shot that he took during a recent collaborative shoot with a model called Dyaphanye.

I am currently working on 7 commissioned oil paintings by Sarah Jessica Fine Arts in Provincetown, Massachusetts and hope to start posting photos of the works as they reach completion shortly. Thereafter I hope to catch up with editing of all my recent shoots including work with Dyaphanye, Sarah and Rebel.       

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Art Sale

Studio Clearance!

A few months ago I was fortunate to acquire a new 1800 sq ft studio space in Richmond Hill, GA. About 1/3 of the space is now ready to move into while the rest will be renovated over the next 2 years. As I am getting ready to get settled, I am auctioning a number of ORIGINALS. Besides a few charity auctions, I have not auctioned any originals in years. Do not let this opportunity to own an original pass you by! Originals with retail values up to $1500 auctioning from as little as $95.

Sole Female I & II Framed
Bidding starts @ $198 each.

Original Mixed Media ; Oil Painting & Pencil Drawing

Canvas; 30 x 10" / 76 x 25 cm each
Canvas with on 3/4 inch thick stretcher placed on wood frame. (About 33 x 13" with frame)

Bid on Sole Female I
Bid on Sole Female II

Yield Strength

Bidding starts @ $155

Pencil drawing on thick white watercolor paper. Sprayed with several layers of fixative. This drawing consists out of two halves, each framed separately in a thin, black metal frame.

Total size of diptych; 32 x 20 inch / 81 x 51cm
(16 x 20 inch each / 41 x 51 cm each)

Bid on Yield Strength