Wednesday, September 3, 2008

‘Adrift’ & other new work

‘Artists don’t get down to work
until the pain of working is exceeded
by the pain of not working’
-Stephen DeStabler

And in this studio the pain of not working (or working on projects away from the easel) exceeds the pain of working quite often.

So often it happens that I have a well planned schedule. I would know which works need to be packaged and shipped, paintings that need to be photographed, do updates on my website… and suddenly inspiration strikes. An idea will find me and refuse to let me be before it came to life. It will climb the ladder to the top of all the ideas I’ve been working on for weeks or months. Within minutes my daily planner is closed, all other work would be pushed back, the music will be turned up and a fresh canvas will see the light. Soon I’ll be lost in a world without time, where neither day nor night exists and only when I become dizzy, will I realize that I forgot to eat. ‘Adrift’ is exactly one of those pieces where I could not stand up once the brushes started moving.

To me the best art is art that one can not only appreciate due to it’s visual qualities, but also due to it moving something deep inside. This is what Adrift did for me while it precisely matched my frame of mind. I hope it may do the same for you.

I have just written a new newsletter and added 9 new pieces to my website’s for sale section. For those not subscribed to my newsletter, I always have special promotions that only go out to my subscribers. For more info on how to subscribe, please click here. Don’t worry, I only write a newsletter about every 3 months so you will not be swamped with lots of emails. Also, I never give out my email addresses no matter how much they offer me!

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