Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Observations of my work

Today I am feeling really excited. I have two really big opportunities on my doorstep, but I think I will rather wait and see if they materialize before I share the details :-)

In the mean time I would like to share a special email sent to me by Anthony Middleton. I always find it really special when someone takes the time to share his/her observations of my work.

Hello my name is Anthony and I'm currently training as a dancer. I was introduced to your work a year ago when I was looking for art as inspiration to create dance, as a college student. I found, and still find, your work extremely interesting and extremely beautiful. Having also read an interview you gave with a website you mentioned that you seem to find that you are drawn to 'vulnerable' and 'emotional' positions. As I observed your work, I found the positions of the subjects quite introverted and suggested sadness. When I look at a lot of your work, it makes me highly reflective and I somehow feel sympathy, in some cases. Is this at all a theme in your work (sadness, reflection)? Can you see this idea in your work too? Another theme that I felt is present in your work, is 'senses'. As I observe your work, I find the subjects almost 'electric', their bodies implying hightened senses, and particularly in work containing more than one subject, I feel almost engaged with their senses, the sense of touch and heat. I would be grateful of any information you can provide for me...I am and will remain a great fan of your work, and am excited to see more of your work in the future.
Thank you again,
Anthony M.

It is absolutely true that emotionality and the expression thereof plays a big role in my work (you may find my blog post of Jan 31 interesting since there I go into this in more detail) I spent a large part of my life practically living in two worlds, one reflected to the outside and another within. Therein I found a raw beauty in being able to express emotions freely and this as you noted is a theme that regularly comes forward through my work.

Your second observation of ‘senses’ I found particularly interesting. I only really started using more than one subject in my work since I got married in 2002. Most of my work is very personal and is strongly influenced by events in my personal life. Therefore after being united with my soul mate, I could not help but reflect this in my work. Though I strongly dislike in ‘erotic’ work, I have the need to visualize the unity I experience and reading your description of ‘heightened senses’ when referring to this body of work, I thought beautiful.


On another note, I am in the process of releasing 10 new pieces, the first shown below. I titled it 'Essential Self' and it is in essence a portrait of Artemis.


Anonymous said...

Antoine thanks for sharing your special email. It was very enlightening, and gives us a new lens
in which to see your artwork. The "Essential Self" drawing is distinctive, and I am looking forward to seeing the new projects that have arrived at your doorstep!


Peggi Habets Studio said...

Antoine, I'm not sure how I found your blog but I have enjoyed looking at your work (for the past hour now.) Beautiful stuff and great blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Antoine,

I love looking for artists and their work online, and I rarely see such a beautiful and sublime portrayal of love and intimacy. It's sensual but in an adorably emotional and refined way. You're my fave artist next to Klimt.

All the best

& love,