Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life figure drawing

I mentioned that I scheduled a series of life drawing sessions during this month and I completed the second session on Friday. I’ve always loved working with live models. When I were at the New York ArtExpo in March, I promised myself; if the exhibit were to be successful, I would put down a budget for hiring models. Now that this promise is becoming a reality I am enjoying it even more than I anticipated.

Herewith I share a drawing I did of Artemis as well as a photo my friend, Susanna Tanner took.


Anonymous said...

Hi Antoine, That is really neat that you had the live modeling sessions. Theresa the TMA model on your MM friends would be a lovely model for you to draw! She looks really artistic like Artemis! I am looking forward to seeing some possible work with you and Theresa TMA!


Andrew said...

That's a cool photo, looking over the shoulder of the artist, seeing both the model posing and the work in progress.