Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back from the Big Apple

I feel so grateful tonight. Not only because I had an exceptional exhibition in New York and am home safely, but also because of the amazing people around me. While in New York I caught some strange bug, the kind that makes your head feels twice its size, your eyes all watery and blurry, and your body like it must belong to someone else. So tonight I am sitting here rolled up in a blanket on our living room floor next to a heap of tissues, with our black Labrador lying with his big head on my lap. While my dear friend is teaching the BodyFlow class in my place, another friend brought me good old South African medicine and my sweet husband brought me boxes of chocolates, candy and cookies (when he is sick he gets vitamins, when I’m sick I get chocolates …guess who has the best deal :-)

Enough about now, let’s rewind and tell you about New York. The morning of Feb 26th we headed east. This year I decided to do all the driving on that first day and took my loyal friend Celeste through several hours of unplanned sight seeing of New Jersey into the small hours of the next morning. However, once in downtown Manhattan, hubby’s F150 truck and me were right at home. The first time TJ and I were driving there we felt a little out of place being the only truck in the whole of Manhattan, last year I still felt a little strange, but by now I have learned that the ant nest of intolerant yellow cabs between all those tall, dark buildings has a strange respect for a 110lb woman driving a big, red pickup truck with Indiana number plates –especially when that woman starts driving like one of them…

During the 5 days of the exhibit I have been approached by a large number of new galleries throughout the country as well as the United Kingdom, while sales where everything I hoped for and more. Several Art Agents and Publishers also approached me. Today I am not sure whether my head is spinning because of the bug I’ve caught or because of the amazing reaction to my new work. After hiding in my studio for months with only an Internet cable to connect me to the outside world, it is quite a contrast putting yourself out there in front of thousands. An amazing experience none the less.

Before I go, I just want to thank everyone who wrote to me and for all the wonderful support. Without you I would never have been able to even dream of all the things becoming a reality. I must also apologize for my delay in response at times –right now I am a few hundred emails behind (literally) but in due time I will get back to everyone.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear that NY was so successful for you! You very much deserve it!

I hope you get feeling better,


Antoine said...

Thank you, Ben!