Monday, March 10, 2008

Balance Painting

A few weeks ago I shared the design I did for my new piece titled “Balance” and today I am sharing the finished piece. When titling it, I considered titling it “Passion” since this is one of those ideas that simply captured my thoughts and drove me from the moment the concept came to mind until I put my last brush down.

Maybe the spontaneous moment in which the concept was born had something to do with how I was driven by this piece. But more important, I was taken by the concept of how one person’s support can help lift another to heights they never would have been able to reach by themselves.

“Passion is the energy that turns Vision into Action. Without passion, a vision is just an idea or a daydream. Your vision and what you feel deeply about need to be strongly connected”
-Lois Raats, M.Ed.

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