Thursday, January 3, 2008

Defying Gravity

For several years I have been playing with ideas for a gravity defying body of work. At first my mind went to underwater photography. I researched it, spoke to several models about my ideas and went as far as getting my scuba diving license. But somehow it just was not meant to be. I do not doubt that the day will come (and everyone reading my blog will of course be first to know when it does :-) But in the meantime TJ and I experimented with other ways of achieving this vision and the image I include here is one of the first.


Anonymous said...

How did you do it?!

Antoine said...

1 desire for defying gravity
3 table spoons of initiative
1 model
1 photographer
two cups of imagination
two 500W studio lights
9 x 20’ muslin

Mix all ingredients together with wooden spoon. Touch three times with magic wand and heat up with small electric heaters for 60 minutes.

binky said...

That sounds like one of my cookie recipes! A very creative answer to anonymous!

susan said...

I love this one! I'm anticipating the's "suspended suspension"