Sunday, January 6, 2008


Today I was really bad! Instead of spending the hours behind the easel as planned, I started playing around with some more of my new ‘gravity defying’ images. Before I knew it, I looked out of my studio window and couldn’t believe the darkness was staring back at me already. I have managed to finish a new painting in my Serenity (legs & feet) series that I will photograph this week. But here I am sharing the image that stole most of my day.


binky said...

This is the best photograph thus far!
Moreover it was a good way to spend the whole day! Weightlessness is a good concept to pursue! I am looking forward to seeing more on this concept!

Issy said...

My dearest Antoine, seems I was lost and now I find myself again; and where else would that be other than in your aura! Your new work is Stunning! Splendid Imagination, Incredible Wit! Best of Luck and I can't wait to see more! Seriously, How did you do that! ;)!! Love It All.
PS Happy New Year ~ May it be Brimming in Creation!

Antoine said...

Issy -you just made my day!! I sincerely appreciate your commends and it feels good to know you're keeping an eye on my work :)
A very happy New Year to you too!