Thursday, December 27, 2007


The last few days there have been several things I wanted to share here; a video I am working on of a newly completed painting, the results of the photo shoot I did with an incredible forty year old model from Iowa… but then it was the planning of the new painting I am about to start today that moved me so deeply that I could barely sleep last night.

This piece developed out of a series of ideas. Since becoming a Bodyflow instructor I have been aware of its influence on me as well as my work. Bodyflow (also called ‘Bodybalance’) focus not only on our physical training but also the mind body connection and balance. Taking these concepts further I have been pondering on the balance in my own relationship and how our partners often become the keystone of our lives. It is here where my mind will be dwelling while working on my new painting during the next few days.


Binky said...

Antoine, The mind and body connection is a fascinating concept, and our blance with our partners is intriging within the scope of our daily lives. The classes must be very beneficial to your students. The male-female balance photo is genius.


Antoine said...

Thank you, Michael! I can only hope that my BodyFlow participants experience a little of what I do...