Monday, June 20, 2011

Beautiful documentary

Due to the relocation of our home & studio, it has been quite a while since I have been blogging. (We only moved 20 miles though it feels like I’m now living in a completely different world… in all the best of ways! But more about this later) This week a wonderful model whom I have worked with a number of times before sent me a little documentary on her as nude model. It gave me goose bumps so I just had to share:

Nude from Hillary Bachelder on Vimeo.


Susanna said...

Wonderful video. So raw and powerful. I hope Hillary's story helps others to understand modeling better.

Andrew said...

Great video! I hope you are emerging from the chaos of moving.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hillary and Antoine, what a great video from the source a real model! It gave me valuable insight into what models really do, and how they hold posses for long periods of time! A unique eye opening experience, we will call it a light bulb moment of insight! Good luck on your move and transition back to Indiana Hillary!

Thanks for sharing, Michael