Thursday, July 8, 2010

Washington, DC Sculptures

I just landed back in the studio after a memorable trip to Washington. It was considerable different than my last visit when we were marching to the capital building, banners held high. (But I will not go into the details of that :) Part of what enticed me to cross the Potomac once again was knowing I’ll be able to see Rodin's Crouching Woman in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden. *Sigh* ...what a piece. One of those that keep spinning round and round in my mind long after I've left. She is probably one of my favorite artworks in the world.

Staying a stone throw from New York ave where Niki de Saint Phall's woman sculptures are displayed didn't hurt either. Though such playful work has never been my main interest, seeing these vivid pieces contrast against the dull backdrop of buildings is a sight that'll stop any passer-by. Think it’s a fantastic way to cheer up such a serious city. Hats of to The National Museum of Women in the Arts for these.

Lastly I have to mention the one non-figurative piece that had my head spinning. I believe it is called “Needle Tower” Its a 60 x 20 x 20” aluminum & stainless steel piece by Kenneth Snelson.


Anonymous said...

Antoine, The National Museum of Women in the Arts sounds magnificent! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!
Regards, Michael

Andrew said...

Rodin is one of my favorites. Someday I'd like to visit the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.

That's a cool photo of Needle Tower.

Antoine de Villiers said...

The National Museum of Women truly are magnificent.

Andrew, when you visit Philadelphia, take me with!!