Friday, July 2, 2010

Life Drawings & Inspiration

Often I get questionnaires from students and one of the questions that frequently come up; where do you find your inspiration? Although it can come from many sources, one thing I always have to mention is other artists’ work. Few things inspire me like exceptional art.

This week I started a Live Figure Drawing group and had the privilege to meet some great local artists and observed their talent. That night I went to bed on such a high. The image I share below is of one of my 10 min drawings.

Talking about inspiration, as soon as I get off this computer I am getting into the car to drive to Washington, DC. Oh how I can’t wait to go and feast in the National Gallery and sculpture garden.

Have a great 4th everyone!


Anonymous said...

Antoine, I am sure that you will find great inspiration at the National Gallery and sculpture garden as well! Enjoy your visit!
Regards, Michael

Andrew said...

Glad to hear your figure drawing group got off to a strong start!

Here are a couple of new drawings of me from a session on Wednesday evening. It was a fun group.

Enjoy your visit in Washington DC!

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thanks Michael.

Andrew these drawings are great! How I wish you were closer :)