Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mixed Media

I have always advocated that drawing is essential for any artist. That it is a fundament that I believe one needs to evolve. And as I recently describe to a friend; I sometimes think of drawing as stripping away all the layers, the color, texture etc. and getting to the core of creation. A place where one cannot really hide anything.

I’ve been drawn back to these roots and had a blast doing a series of charcoal and pastel drawings over the last few weeks. But sometimes when we give creativity free rain it runs in directions of it’s own. Without giving it much thought, I often catch myself sliding into a combination of pencil, charcoal, conté and oils or acrylics. It feels almost like I may be getting the best of both worlds; The simplicity of line with a touch of dept. Also the interaction of mediums I find appealing; areas consisting of line alone almost in a staccato fashion mingling with softer, smoother sections of paint.

We humans are such complex beings perhaps that is why a combination of mediums often feels apt. Or perhaps it is because there are so many sides to the themes I attempt to portray. Whichever the reason, sometimes one should not question to much but just wander where one’s gut feeling leads.

'Self Comfort'
Original acrylic, charcoal & pencil on paper
11.5 x 19"


Anonymous said...

Antoine, your instincts will guide you into all future creativity! It is always important to follow our hearts, and they will guide our way!

Regards, Michael

Jennifer said...

Very dramatic composition!