Friday, June 11, 2010

Life Figure Drawing -Savannah, GA

This month I am starting a figure drawing group in our home just outside of Savannah!

This group is a place for anyone interested in life figure drawing to come together and create some art. I will be hiring male and female models to serve as subjects. Although there will be no formal instruction, this is not only a place to create art that moves us, but also to meet other artists and learn form each other since there will be time for discussion afterwards. We will meet the last Tuesday of every month from 6 – 8pm.

So any artist (or aspiring artist) in the Savannah, GA area, we would love for you to join us! For more info, please visit:

Seated Nude Male
Pencil & Conte drawing
15 x 10"


Anonymous said...

Antoine, What a wonderful idea to have a group that meets every month! Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time from the picture of the last meeting! I am sure that many creative drawings will be created during this open meeting at your home! Best of luck to you and all of your fellow artists in this endeavor!
Regards, Michael

Ann said...

If i waz closer i would have been there!

Lyle Nagy said...

are you guys still doing this??

metallicashley said...

Figure Drawing also in Hinesville, GA. 102 Commerce street, down the plaza from Uncommon Grounds. Check for dates and details.