Thursday, May 6, 2010

Critique Me!

I would live to hear your critique on this piece. It is an 18 x 15” charcoal drawing on paper inspired by Heather Nova’s song Island.

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PS. Please don’t think because you may not perceive yourself as an ‘expert’ that your opinion matters any less. What ever your thoughts are, I’d really love to hear them.


Michele Walker said...

As always, perfect asymmetrical balance in your composition. The clasped hands remind me of the emergency drills in school... It feels as if the figure fears a blow, feels an impending crisis - but it is something more emotional than tangible.

Anonymous said...

Antoine, it makes me feel in touch with Native Americans the way that the figure flows into herself! We can learn a lot from our natural sides and achieve true balance and harmony through positive energy! To me this figure is flowing with extreme good karma, and very positive energy as well! The figure is living life in balance with nature, and her instinct. The figure to me does not have any negative energy! Life is sweet for this figure!
Best Regards, Michael

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thanks for your commends. Interesting that you should mention balance. It is something I’m always critical about and wasn’t sure if this piece’s composition succeeded. So great to hear how different people perceives a piece.

Good to hear how positive you perceive this piece.

Anything about this piece that doesn’t work?

Anonymous said...

Antoine, I do not see anything about this piece that does not work. I am very impressed with the area around the hands and fingers. I also like the details around the upper shoulder blade region too! The feet, toes, and hair are very well structured!

Best Regards, Michael

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thanks for sharing what you like, Michael

My friend, Pat emailed my this response: 'I think the way she's folded/tucked in on herself depicts the "Island" idea' ..I love that thought!

Silver said...

Gorgeous. The line quality is beautiful. The composition is solid and I love the contrast between the high detail of the hands in the hair and the curve of the back which basically disappears. Very enigmatic. It's almost ghostly. Great job!

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thank you for your commends, Silver. I’m currently working in a direction where I focus more on defining what’s essential in a piece and less on what’s not. Good to hear you like the composition since in this process getting this element to work can sometimes be the challenge.