Monday, May 10, 2010

Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine - Spring 2010

My art is featured in the Spring 2010 issue Carrie Leigh's NUDE magazine. This is the 4th time this great magazine featured either my paintings or photographs and I am proud to once again be a part of it. For a preview of this issue, Click here. Or to order your copy, please visit their website;


Anonymous said...

Hi Antoine, Your work in Carrie Leigh's magazine is truly magnificent! I enjoyed the next page in Carrie Leigh's magazine Naked Detroit as well! The old factory setting was a perfect back drop for the artistic picture! Would love to see your work in Detroit as well, say on East Grande Boulevard perhaps!

Regards, Michael

Antoine de Villiers said...

I also love the contrast of the figure against a hard/old architectural backdrop.