Wednesday, September 9, 2009

8lb 4oz of Love

It was a beautiful, clear Friday afternoon, a week before our son was due when my husband, TJ and I went out shopping. Suddenly a painful contraction stopped me dead in my tracks. I recall thinking that these Braxton Hicks are surely becoming challenging. I still had a photo shoot as well as a dinner meeting scheduled for the next week. I knew most first time babies are about a week late -especially if he is anything like his Mom.

Around 11pm we were doing our grocery shopping when things were speeding up. In the cereal isle I had one contraction but by the time we got to the soup it already progressed to two. The ice-cream isle was met with three and it was somewhere between the cheesecake and the ice pops when the realization slowly dawned on me; my son just may have his father’s genes and be early after all. By this time TJ already started timing. I was still adamant about completing our shopping, but thankfully my more sensible hubby finally convinced me getting out of there is more important than the dishwashing liquid or the bath tissue.

On August 15th, after another 16 hours of peaceful labor our son Aidan was born.

I would never have imagined that one could feel so much love for such a tiny person. My world has changed completely.


lozear said...

Oh my he is SO beautiful!!!

Congrats to the both of you,and who evers genes he has I'm pretty sure he has a great mixture of engineering and artistic combined.
May he be a blessing and great joy.

GoOd LuCk with the early feeding!!!

Anonymous said...

The very best picture ever on your blog! Congratulations to all three of you!


Ann said...


TAMARA said...

Oh so precious !!!
Congrats to you Antoine and also to your hubby.
Surely, his is your best “artistic” creation so far :)))).

Dave Levingston said...

I've been watching and waiting for this post. I'm so happy for you. As a father of 3 I do understand what you are feeling. It's a wonderful thing to be a parent. And it does indeed change everything.

Wishing the three of you all the best.

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thank you! It surely is the most amazing experience. I’m still not quite sure if I am awake or if it’s all just a beautiful dream. Tamara, it is by far the creation I am most proud of ;-)

Lee said...

All the best to you, TJ, and your new son. I think I understand about life not ever being the same. I know with my two daughters it isn't and never has been.

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thank you, Lee. As TJ said 'if i knew how amazing this is, I would have done it a long time ago!'