Thursday, August 13, 2009

Original Antoine Art… Tattooed

Last night I had sort of an email crash (I’ll spare you the details). But while sorting out backed up emails, I came upon a photo someone sent me a while ago. All the email said was: “thought you should see this..” with the attached picture.

I assume the person who sent me the email is the person in the photo with the tattoo of one of my paintings. I'm really not sure what to make of it. Do I feel flattered? Glad about the variety of ways my work is displayed? Upset about the copyright infringement? (For a moment I wondered if I could sue them so that they legally have to remove it... imagine) Or should I suggest that next time I do the tattoo myself to get a better depiction of the original? Perhaps I could ask that “© Antoine Art” be added… What do you think?

Oh by the way, here is a link to the original


Anonymous said...

Sue them! LOL!

Heather2000 said...

I would have been furious if my work was used without my permission! Did you contact them about it?

Jeff said...

It is the first time I have heard about copyright infringement by means of a tattoo. However, I am sure it is not the first time this has happened.

I find it interesting that they would send you the image after the tattoo is completed. I assume they either have no idea that this is in reality a copyright issue or they decided to wait until the job has been completed to make sure you cannot refuse.

Feel flattered and leave it at that.


Antoine de Villiers said...

Thanks all. Firstly, sure I feel flattered. "Wearing" my art for the rest of their lives surely is a compliment.

On the other hand dropping a simple email asking me first isn’t too much to ask now, is it?

It surely hasn't been the first (or last) time this has happened. A quick google search brought me onto this blog post: After a large number of infringements on his work Vonster, the owner is now building a site where his designs could legally be obtained. Hats of to him!!

TAMARA said...

I have not seen and heard something like that. But, dear Antoine, i'm not surprised that someone went for it (i mean tattooing one of your art works); Your works surely touches millions of souls and once they enter our imagination, never leave it (i still have HUGE crash on the "closer" and so sorry that it is hanging on somebody's wall instead of mine).
Contact the person first. We wont to know his side of story. (if you don't mind of course sharing it with us.

TAMARA said...

oops, i meant "WANT"

Antoine de Villiers said...

Tamara, I really appreciate your input. (And its special to hear you still remember “Close”!)

I have contacted the person when I first got the email, but never heard back.

Perhaps I’ll just be glad about the unusual exposure my work is getting ;) Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll fallow Vonster’s lead and consider tattoo design as a sideline… lol!

Anonymous said...

Hire a repo man.

Damion009 said...

you are simply amazing!

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thank you, Damion009!