Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nudity & Art

As an artist focusing mostly on nude, figurative work, it is obvious that getting involved in discussions around the good, the bad and the unfortunate of nude art will be a regular occurrence. I believe all who knows me are aware of my passion for honest & human nude art and at the same time my fierce dislike when the figure is displayed in anything but respectful ways.

Unfortunately many have a real challenge distinguishing between, forgive my bluntness, art and porn. I find it sad that beautiful nude art are so often subjected to numerous constraints in order to be shared. It is always very interesting hearing other’s take on this issue and I thought this youtube video from Blunty was particularly interesting;

To prove the point further, below is a slide show of my first underwater shoot that youtube took down due to ‘inappropriate content’ (twice). Though I respect their policy, I find it really sad that at the moment no form of nude art can be shared via this medium.

As Blunty aptly said when talking about nude models “that leaves only the raw exposed truth of what it is to be human and how beautiful that can be. If only we open our eyes to it more often. To accept completely who we are… "


Andrew said...

It's reassuring to hear other voices of reason out there.

I suspect the Youtube policy is driven by fear of entangling themselves in federal criminal probes, including 18 USC Sec. 2257 documentation requirements. It's funny, you'd think conservatives would oppose the government meddling, and liberals would oppose the inherent censorship of artistic freedom, yet the federal regulations have political support under the guise of protecting minors.

Welcome to the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Not.

Antoine de Villiers said...

Andrew, I am sure you’re right and that staying safe in regards to legal issues may play a role. (You’re obviously quite up to date with the legal side of things :) I also respect parent’s right to choose what their children see. However I am sure there must be ways around this. How many similar sites (like Blogger/Yahoo etc) have simple age verifications /notices or similar in place when it comes to ‘age restricted contend’.

Another fact I find interesting is that youtube does allow graphic videos of childbirth.

Anonymous said...

Antoine, Thank you for informing us about misunderstandings in the world of art. Your work is truly tasteful art, and not trashy! Regards, Michael

Anonymous said...

Who is to judge what art we may see and what not!

Lee said...

Youtube has long had a rather absurd and extreme policy regarding nudity. Presumably it mirrors the confusion that seems to permeate our entire culture. It is a huge shame that our culture allows its body attitudes to be established by the perverted.

I hope things are (otherwise) well for you and your (growing) family.

Antoine de Villiers said...

Lee, I agree that it is rather absurd. As mentioned, youtube videos of breastfeeding as well as childbirth is okay but any form of art is bad? Of course I think these documentaries are wonderful, but can’t understand why nude art can’t be treated equally. At the same time I have to say that I am glad about a great number of other social media sites where we are able to show our nude art. (Or at least I am displaying ‘till told otherwise!)

Personally things are great, baby due in 1 week and here I am scheduling new photo shoots for next week… lol!

PS. We have the photos you & me took @ the salt flats hanging in our living room and I just love them more every day.

lozear said...

The last time I had this conversation at one of my exhibitions I sent my clients this link:
And told them to specially view the slide show,now that is art done in 1849 so I rest my case.
Having Art on the net you are always going to run the risk of people downloading.Luckily its done on skin so they cant sell or reproduce prints which means they don't make money,but they should have asked for permission out of respect giving you the credit.
Later x