Friday, July 17, 2009

What artwork moves you?

Since this blog was intended to be about my artwork, I do end up talking quite a bit about me. Well, today that is about to change.

Besides an artist, I am of course also an art lover and thus collector. There are very few things that move me as much as experiencing an exceptional piece of art on a daily basis. When arriving here in Savannah, my favorite artists' artwork were hung long before half the boxes were unpacked. TJ and I often laugh at our dilapidated furniture, however the few art pieces I have managed to acquire leaves me feeling rich beyond measure.

This is some of the artwork in my home that inspires me;

The first is a piece by Tina Mammoser, an artist originally from Chicago currently living in London. I have been fortunate enough to pick this piece up at Tina's London studio and meet her in person after she has been an inspiration to me for many years. I believe Tina is an abstract artist in the true sense of the word. She cycles all over the U.K. -especially the coastal areas and then takes her experiences & visions back to her studio where she captures them in the most beautiful and honest way. For more about Tina, please visit her website,

This second piece is a glass sculpture by Steve Sizelove. I think most people would agree with me when I say that there is something about glass that is not like any other medium out there. Besides it's beauty and texture, there is something secretive, something so delicately intriguing.  To think that before man learned the secret of glassmaking, nature was the world's glassmaker. Lightning striking sand melted it into tubes of glass, volcanoes erupting melted rocks…

Being fascinated with glass, Steve kindly invited me to his studio and made this figure while I watched (and posed :) For more about Steve's work see 

This third piece is titled 'Red Gold' and part of an elements series by Anita Lewis who said; "The elements are the hidden treasures of
 the earth, and 
whether decorative or practical, poisonous or healthy, destructive or useful, they are the road into science, or avenues to the metaphysical."

I've had the pleasure to exhibit with Anita at a series of Art Expos both in New York and Las Vegas. Every time while walking the isles, Anita's work just stopped me dead in my tracks. I do not have the words to explain why, but there is something so touching about her delicate yet powerful creations. Anita's site:

Now I am almost feeling guilty about not mentioning the other artists who’s work I collect… but I’ll leave that for a next post.

Enouth from me. I would love to hear what artwork moves you? 


Andrew said...

Not surprisingly, you have excellent taste. I really enjoyed this post, not only because you introduced some talented artists, but because it gives some insights into your own inspiration and influences.

Anita said...

Antoine-I feel absolutely floored to read your blog about my art. You are more than kind. But here is something reciprocal; what my art does for you, your art does for me! Your piece that I acquired recently, is hanging in our Master Bedroom, in a most central place. I am honored to have it in our home and enjoy it! (By the way, my website is

Tina Mammoser said...

Such a nice post! I'm intrigued by glass too, and ceramics. It's 3D that is mysterious to me.

I love that you shared some of your collection, and I might do a similar post too! Thanks for including me. :)

Antoine de Villiers said...

Andrew, thank you very much!

Anita, glad you don't mind me bragging about my collection ;) 'Red Gold' has brightened many days. By the way, I fixed your website.

Tina, I totally agree with you about the mysterious element of the 3rd dimensionality. However your work also sometimes feature a unique 3rd D. I almost can't believe it's been over 3 years since I purchased this piece. It'll always remain one of my favorites.

Bob_B said...

You have quite a diverse taste. It’s fascinating seeing the art that artists select.