Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting back to work

After arriving in Savannah it has been hard getting back to work. Of course working out of a hotel room had its obvious challenges. This reminds me of the days, many years ago, when I worked out of a hospital bed. I also recall nurses that were not all too impressed with the smells of varnish surrounding my quarters (nor the stains on my bed linen… :)

Although filled with ideas and inspiration, creating a new place from where to create has been an interesting challenge. I never thought about it much; why does it feel great being in one surrounding and just not right in another? Now I am not even going to talk about the challenges being 33 weeks pregnant adds to the whole process of setting up studio...

While working on my new temporary studio, I’ve been spending a lot of time behind the drawing board. One of the most wonderful things about drawings; you can do them anywhere! In the meantime am I also planning a new mixed media (oil, pencil & charcoal) series, which will be the first paintings to be born here in Savannah.


Anonymous said...

Antoine, You will overcome!


Andrew said...

I had to do the math... 9x4=36-33= 3 more weeks... Oh boy! Literally!

New beginnings in so many ways! I'm happy you've found a new environment that inspires you. (Maybe I should move. I just have no idea where.)

Antoine de Villiers said...

Actually medically they refer to a pregnancy as 40 weeks ... a little confusing.

If you decide to move, consider Savannah!! Around here there's so much happening art wise, I'm sure the artists would cue for you to model.