Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a boy!

On second thought, I should perhaps mention that I am 'with child' before announcing that it is a boy :)

Today I am writing a personal post. However I am sure that this new chapter will also inspire a lot of changes in my work in the years to come. After spending six of the most amazing years of my life with the man of my dreams, we have decided to enter a new phase of our lives together. Therefore if all goes well, TJ and I will welcome two little pink feet into this world in August.

-Photo by TJ Louw

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Dave Levingston said...

Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. I'm sure this new chapter in your lives will bring you much joy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations T.J., and Antoine on the new addition to your family in August!!! How exciting!!!


Ben said...

Yes, that is certain to bring about changes ;). Congratulations to you and TJ!

Peggi Habets said...

Congratulations! Having three boys myself, I can tell you it's a wild, wonderful ride. Enjoy it all. You look awesome by the way. Great photo.

Antoine de Villiers said...

A big thank you, everyone!

Carol Sexton said...

Hi Antoine! This is a beautiful photo. And congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first child, as well as moving to Savannah! If you get a chance, try to meet George Bauer, who teaches at SCAD. He is the instructor for the figure carving workshop that I go to in Indiana in June, and his knowledge of the figure is very impressive. I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving Richmond, but I hope this next phase of your life will be wonderful. It has been a blessing to have you as part of the WVAC group these past few years. Please give my greetings and congratualtions to TJ as well.

Antoine de Villiers said...

Carol, thank you so much! It's great to hear from you. I will definitely look George Bauer up and I'm excited getting involved with SCAD. I see you just started your own blog -looks great! Best of luck & keep in touch.