Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today I am sharing a photo, a young model from Dayton, Ohio who calls herself ‘Italian Kitten’, and I created a while ago.

This was an event I will not soon forget. It was a photo shoot combined with a group figure drawing session. She accidentally went to the figure drawing location first and when I offered to give her directions to my studio, she said ‘hang on, let me give the phone to my mom’.

'Mom?' In the few years I’ve done fine art photography, I’ve had friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and even pets present, but never a mom before. When I opened the door, in walked the model and not only her mother but also her father.

What an amazing team they turned out to be. Her father was a pro in holding and aiming my reflectors while her mother was hair stylist and makeup artist. A team I can definitely recommend!


Anonymous said...

Antoine, Now that is a fascinating concept! The model with her mother, and father helping to make sure that everything worked according to plan.
This is also a very nice photograph of the Italian Kitten. From start to finish team work Wins!


Peggi Habets Studio said...

It's great that the family sees this as a serious endeavor and tyhat the parents are looking out for their daughter. Can't wait to see more photos from the shoot.

Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful her parents support and assist in her modeling! You all created some gorgeous images!