Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloggers unite for human rights

Today all over the world bloggers unite for human rights in an attempt to ‘use their space to make the world a better place’.

I so often say that I want to make a difference and I so often feel so powerless against all the devastating things happening all over the world. The truth is that one may be able to break a thread, but not a rope! Small gestures often have a snowball effect and may be the start of powerful things. So today I am joining Amnesty International.

Currently there are two issues weighing heavily on my mind; The first is what is happening today in Myanmar and their government’s unbelievable stubbornness. Lets’ take action and ask the government of Myanmar to ensure delivery of international aid for Cyclone Nargis victims

The second issue on my mind is the genocide in Darfur. Being a child of Africa, some of my roots will always be there and often I am afraid to allow myself to even begin to allow myself to imagine what those people are going through. Today I am asking you to join me in calling on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to stop delays in much needed aid

The last two weeks in June I will once again auction off several of my artworks for charities of my choice and will of course keep everyone here updated.

Thanks for reading this and especially to those who took action.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Antoine, Yes, the government of Myanmar needs to allow aid to enter their country to help the cyclone victims. The government of China has been doing a nice job with journalistic freedom regarding the recent earthquake in their country!

Regards, Michael