Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some things are timeless

The last two days we’ve had wonderful early spring weather and I’ve been finding the first signs of new life everywhere. However on Saturday the heavens opened and snow covered everything (Including me as I took our dog out)

So while the Indianan weather was living up to it’s unpredictable reputation, I spent the weekend in my basement studio planning some new pieces on request of a gallery group in the United Kingdom. But then I got distracted (as I so often do!) This time it was by the image below, born out of a shoot TJ and I did in December. It drew me in and had me playing around on it for hours ...the next thing I knew was that it was 2am.

I am thinking “Timeless” may be a suitable title. My friend Andrew says that it looks like it has been discovered in someone's attic after 50 years in a trunk. I guess I am hoping that maybe 50 years from now someone will discover it in an old trunk ... or maybe just on an old computer hard drive.


Ben said...


I think you are the only artist that I know of that can depict the human emotion of "love" in a nude figures context and so perfectly and beautifully convey the pure essence of that emotion, sincerely, purely, and without the slightest hint of 'smuttiness'. I'd say my hat is off to you for that ability, but well, I suppose it's a lot late for taking just that off ;).

Very sincerely,


Antoine said...

Ben, your commends means a lot to me. You know my work as well as my intend so well –great to hear reflects what I hope it would.

I cannot wait to work with you again!