Monday, March 31, 2008

Andrew’s Perspective on Artistic Nudes

Today I am sharing something my friend Andrew wrote. I really think this is so well said:

"The nude figure is a timeless image, without fashion clues to define the setting in a given time period. With no uniform to define the social class or employment role, nudity also represents honesty and authenticity – the naked truth – and one’s true self without any façade. Nude figures in nature can represent mankind living in harmony with the environment.

While some people associate nudity exclusively with a sexual context, I don't share this mindset. Consider the wholesomeness of Norman Rockwell skinny dipping scenes. Think of fine art nudes by Michelangelo, Auguste Rodin, and Maxfield Parrish."

Below are two sets of conceptual drawings I just completed for an interior designer in Chicago. The final piece will be a 6 x 11 foot installation and I can not wait!


S Tanner said...

Stated very well!

And what an awesome installation it will be. You must show us the final piece.


Antoine said...

Thank you! I most certainly will.