Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why buy art?

So much information about the business of art, about art as investment and the commercial side of art pass my path on a daily basis. I hear galleries speak about what colors sell best, what are the most popular subject matters and what the current market trends are. Sometimes between all the talk of art acquisition and divestment, art collection management, corporate art consulting, art brokers, accredited art appraisals etc. I feel lost. Lost in a world driven by financial gain, a world that sometimes seems to have lost its soul.

Today I am speaking with you not only as Antoine the artist, but also as Antoine the art collector. I started collecting the work of a few artists that really moves me several years ago and hope to continue to grow my collection. So herewith I share with you the reasons I buy art.

When I purchase a piece of art I do not care what it would be worth tomorrow or if it is trendy. I do not care if it will perfectly compliment the chartreuse green in my lampshade or the sangria in my pillow’s tussles.

However, often it happens to me that I see a piece of art that stops me in my tracks and gives me shivers down my spine. A piece of art that reaches into my chest and moves something inside. A work that will turn in my mind for days and weeks. I love an artwork that I can relate to, an artwork that I can not only look at but also experience, art that speaks to my soul.

I have mentioned this once in a newsletter but I just have to quote Thomas Hoving (former director, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY) again since no one has ever reflected my feelings quite like him when he said; “you'll meet individual works that you’ll need for the rest of your life, works that thrill you, energize you, lift your soul, soothe you, make you smile, make you think about the fate of mankind and the universe, make you have to see them again and again for the good of your psyche, state of mind, and strength of heart”

On another note, below I share with you the current state of my studio… crazy to say the least. I plan to start photographing my new works for the New York ArtExpo shortly and will of course share it here first!

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