Sunday, January 13, 2008

Serenity IV

A few days ago I mentioned that I just finished a new piece in my ‘Serenity’ series. I just photographed the painting and thought I’d quickly tell you the history of this series. One evening (about five years ago) TJ and I tested a new camera. We didn’t plan anything but just did what came natural. Some months later I was working on an exhibit on the theme of love to be held at Arndean Gallery in London together with LondonArt. While doing some planning my eye caught something in one of the almost black images we took that one night. When I highlighted the photograph I discovered an amazing image of our legs and loved it. Not because it was a great shot but because it was so typically “us” (This was the way we sleep just about every night) and because it really tells a story. I thought that it had such a serene sense of unity. Needless to say it became the inspiration for the first ‘Serenity’, which later became a series.

PS. This is a 36 x 24" oil on canvas and currently available.

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