Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Art Model's Handbook

Recently when Andrew, a model friend of mine contacted me in regards to a figure modeling guide he is writing, I immediately knew it was a great idea. There are so many aspiring models out there that I talk to on a daily basis and the same questions always come up; 'where do I start, what should I do, not do….' ? 

In The Art Model's Handbook I think Andrew, an experienced life and photography model, really captured a lot of topics essential to both models, artists, art teachers and everyone involved in figurative art.

Models play such a crucial part of any figurative artist’s work and with no real training out there, this book is definitely long overdue. Available from

Best of luck, Andrew!  

The cover is a painting I have done of the author, Andrew Cahner in 2004


Anonymous said...

Antoine, Thanks for sharing the information about Andrew's book. There is very little information on how to gain experience in this field.

All The Best, Michael

Anonymous said...

Having been both a model and a figurative artist for many years, my reaction to this book was the exact opposite: this is no more than a basic overview of a topic that could have benefited from thorough research and professional writing. The personal observations of a single individual and a few contacts would make for a good hand-out at a college; it does not meet the standards for a book. Got it from Amazon, went through it in an hour; fortunately they allow returns.