Monday, March 23, 2009

What a month!

It was many years ago, but I can still remember clearly how TJ and I sat next to Centurion Lake (in South Africa), drank red wine and ate breakfast. It was a late autumn evening and our first ‘date’, however what I remember most was how we talked about our passion for travel and seeing and experiencing as much of the world as we possibly could.

This month surely lived up to our expectations. We kicked it off in Manhattan followed by a Yogathon in Indianapolis for me while TJ was hiking more than 30 miles in the Smokey Mountains. Last night we returned from a weekend in Toronto, Canada and this coming Thursday we’re flying to Savannah, GA. Finally March will end with a visit to Cincinnati.

Below I am sharing a little of Toronto.

Pillars at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Entrance of the Toronto Art Expo.

My friend, Suzanne Metz ( in front of her exquisite artworks.

CN tower -what an amazing landmark!

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Anonymous said...

Antoine, Thanks for sharing Suzanne's web cite information! Her work is awe inspiring! She has a vast amount of work, it is just fabulous!

Regards, Michael