Friday, February 27, 2009

Blogging from New York

When I become quiet, it usually means I am becoming exceptionally busy. During the last few weeks this was especially true. I completed over 30 new originals all currently on display here at the New York ArtExpo. Today is the second day of this five-day exhibit and so far I am just having a superb show, with more new galleries and more sales this time any year before. However besides the exhibit, TJ and I are also having a marvelous time in the Big Apple, making good use of the variety of restaurants and paining the town red in our free time. Happy days!


Issy said...

Hey A!
I hope you have a fantastic I don't hope, I know!
And while in NYC go to a small Italian restuarant on Lexington and something...(I was on my way to a museum when I happened upon it) called Luna...I had the BEST pasta there!! ENJOY! xoxoxox

Peggi Habets said...

Your booth looks great. I'm certain the expo will be very successful for you! Good luck.

Andrew said...

Good to hear that the you are having a great show, particularly in this tough economy.

Anonymous said...

Antoine, A professional artist should draw you! Your extremely beautiful, and would make a magnificent drawing at the hands of a professional artist. I know you do self portraits sometimes, but would love to see a professional capture your true beauty as you capture the beauty of others in your art! All The Best, Michael