Sunday, November 23, 2008

David Ford

An incredible part of my inspiration comes from music. My father was a music lecturer and organist all his life and therefore I guess music is embedded in my roots. There is nothing that can put me in the right frame of mind for a certain piece like the right music.

I also spend a lot of time surfing for new music and trying to find artists I can connect with. David Ford was certainly one of my biggest discoveries yet. David, a British singer/ song writer, is unique in so many aspects. Not only does he play all the instruments and does his own recording, but he is also is one of the most honest and authentic musicians I ever heard. Friday night TJ and I were fortunate to catch him live in Covington Kentucky (together with Ingrid Michaelson). What an experience...

More about David Ford. Or if you’d like to watch some of his videos click here and follow the ‘play new single’ link.

Currently I am working hard on giving my website a big overall. I have also worked on some photographs of the studio shoot I did with Tantilla & Diablo a few weeks ago. Below I share one of the images we created (If I am not mistaken, we may have listened to David Ford while doing this shoot :-)


Anonymous said...

Antoine, This is a very beautiful and erotic picture! It captures the compassion and sensuality of the couple fully. I am going to listen to David Ford's music. I like his last name as it is a name of automobiles.


Anonymous said...


Callie West

Antoine de Villiers said...

Thank you