Thursday, September 11, 2008


This piece has been inspired by Tantila & Diablo, two models I had the privilege to work with recently. Besides the fact that they are very experienced art models, I think what moved me most was the natural, intimate way they interact with each other. Tantila & Diablo has been together for seven years and while working with them I felt at though their figures just naturally melted together as they became one.


Peggi Habets said...

Just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Brillante Weblog Award. See today's post on my blog for details ( No obligation to participate, I just wanted to make sure eveyone saw what a great job you do with your artwork and your blog.

Anonymous said...

Antoine, I love the way that the two figures fuse, and merge into one being. It is as though they melt together as one flesh. This is a painting of beauty, and elegance. It is in remarkable taste.


Tantila said...

Such an honor and privledge to work with such a lovely artist and visionary such as Antoine. Her work is breathtaking, as is she herself! I've never smiled so truly and felt so appreciated than when I have with Antoine. A true lover of art, we love her as well.

Best always,
Tantila and Diablo

Antoine de Villiers said...

Now even I don’t know what to say. Tantila, thank you! You are such an exceptional model and I can not wait to work together again.