Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Abstract figure drawings

Not long ago I have shared some ideas I have done for Lauren Coburn, a Chicago based interior designer. Today I am sharing the newest conceptual drawings I am currently working on.

Abstraction means ignoring what is particular and incidental and emphasizing what is general and essential
-Pahl and Beitz, Engineering Design

This is a phrase that came out of one of my husband’s engineering handbooks. I thought it captured the essence of abstraction so well –I just had to put it up on my studio wall.

Have to run… I have a plaint to catch. I will be spending the next week in Utah shooting outdoors. Can’t wait!

*PS. This blog post was written on June 25th. But due to a technical issue on blogger, only possible to post July 1st


Jennifer Juniper said...

You have certainly captured the definition of abstract as you posted, it's so different from your usual, but I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Antoine, The abstract is very unique. Jennifer's art work is very creative as well. That is neat that she will have the real McCoy in her home.


Andrew said...

Looking forward to your trip report from Utah.