Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More on my recent nude maternity shoot

Shortly after my newsletter came out last week, the editor of Carrie Leigh’s Nude Magazine contacted me. He wanted to feature more of my photography in their next issue and after consideration decided to publish my maternity series. I was asked to write a short artist statement, which I am sharing here today;

It was late November and a typical gray and cold early winters day in the Midwest. We were setting up heaters and tripods for the shoot in my friend’s attic. The entrance to the attic was led in by a steep flight of stairs and I had real concerns about how this 8 months pregnant woman, that was about to arrive will be able to get up there. However, as I was turning these thoughts round and round in my mind, a radiant young woman came running up the stairs. Brooklyn was not only more energetic than I would ever have imagined an expecting mother, but there was no doubt, she had a real glow of energy around her.

Working with a model soon to give birth is an experience I will not soon forget. I’ve always believed that a woman is at her most beautiful when pregnant, and I while shooting, I recall thinking; ‘how natural, how perfect’

What contributes to the magic of this remarkable time is that it only happens a few times in a woman’s life, if that. It is a true example of the power of nature, of how line and form can change to accommodate and develop another. A life-changing time that is so delicate and so vulnerable jet so strong and powerful.

Brooklyn was blessed with a baby boy on January 3rd 2008. I feel privileged to have been a part of this incredibly special time in her life.

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